Planning Engineers are often focused on projects.
This focus should be fostered.

PlannersPlaza supports this in being a virtual platform where companies meet their Planning Engineers quickly and easily.

In case of difficulties or new challanges it should be easy to cooperate with Planning Engineers who are stationed at other companies or projects often facing the same requests and demands.

PlannersPlaza creates and maintains this platform which connects Planning Engineers with many years of experience and passion for their work.

This will increase the overall professionalism and knowledge within the community of Planning Engineers of which projects and the engineers both will benefit.

It also creates market adaptation, so Planning Engineers can exlel in their projects following from a better fit.

The number of planning specialists in the Netherlands is limited. It is often a struggle for companies finding a Planning Engineers who is able and available.

This website enables companies to search for a Planning Engineers with the right skills, competences and experience. Availablity is shown and the Planning Engineer can be contacted directly.

By posting a vacancy all registered Planning Engineers will be reached instantly.

Costs for searching and mediation will be cut down by enabling this direct and quick access. This is good news for companies as well as for the engineers!

PlannersPlaza is an initiative
of a group of Planning Engineers
who naturally assemble while
looking for more
knowledge and more connection.

Once the benefits were clear, it quickly developed into a partnership. To support this partnership the platform of PlannersPlaza has been raised, which is purely driven by enthusiastic Planning Engineersg engineers.

Their mission is to connect companies and their Planning Engineers as smooth as possible, so the entire sector will benefit from more focus, more knowledge and more professionalism.